As its name suggests BodyWise is about the MIND-BODY connection.  Combining Pilates, Shiatsu Meridian exercises, Biodanza and other movement modalities together with mindfulness and somatic based meditation techniques, and coaching BodyWise is a space to learn and practice to become master of your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Nicole's approach to Pilates is holistic, stressing the mind -body connection.  Classes are an hour and a half and combine Pilates, meditation and movement exercises from other modalities.  Pure Pilates classes of one hour are also available on request.

The studio is fully equipped with the latest Pilates equipment from Balanced Body in a quiet street in Ra'anana, with plenty of parking.

Sessions are individual or in small private groups of up to three.

Biodanza is a system of human development using music, movement, dance and encounters in the group setting.

Biodanza, encourages physical regeneration and emotional integration,  stimulates vitality, joy, expressivity, sensuality and our capacity for affection for ourselves and the world.

Biodanza is a long term process of awakening through our bodies to ourselves and the world.  We meet once a week for two hours to move, dance, play and interact to specially selected music and exercises in a carefully designed and delivered program.

For men and women of all ages. No choreographed steps. No fitness required.

Sundays 19:45 City Sports Hall, Ha'palmach 2, Ra'anana (next to Metro West School and the Ra'anana Arts Center).

BodyWise Workshops are short term group processes (between 8 to 24 weeks duration) designed for specific target groups, such as:

  • women convalescing from breast cancer treatment,

  • people who are post-surgery or suffering chronic pain,

  • people with chronic diseases like chrones, IBS, arthritis

  • retirees

  • people with problematic knees, backs and shoulders

  • professional and amateur sportsmen and women; riders, runners, swimmers, football players, basketball players

The workshop is based on the BodyWise system. Through the process participants establish an active body-mind connection, strengthen their bodies, expand their range of movement, develop their capacity to manage their own wellbeing with confidence, learn relaxation techniques and generally increase their vitality and sense of joy.

Workshops combine principles and exercises from Pilates, Biodanza, Shiatzu Meridian Exercises, Relaxation Technique, meditation techniques, group dynamics and more.

Workshops are customized to suit each group and their specific requirements, both in content and duration. Clients include Workers Committees, Retirement Homes, hospitals and rehabilitation institutions, community centers, charitable institutions.

You are welcome to contact to Nicole for more information. Telephone: 054-4861741, Mail: Nicole is a native English speaker.